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    Back in the early 1960s, NU photographer Roger Conant had a pet crow named Jet that would fly through open barracks’ windows and snatch shiny objects such as crucifixes, jewelry, or loose change off students’ desks. One night Jet made the mistake of falling asleep on the window ledge outside then Regimental Commander Bill Brick’s ’62 dorm room. Having no idea the habitual thief was someone’s beloved pet, Bill unceremoniously ended its life. Within three days, a petition demanding Brick’s dismissal was circulated by the faculty, and he was called on the carpet by then Commandant Michael Popowski, Sr. before being ushered into General Harmon’s office. The general dismissed the incident, but not Bill, who graduated with his class later that year.  – d.l. weggler


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    Daddy’s Little Girls, 1949

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